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Taking a Relaxing Stroll in Essex Fells, NJ Parks

There's nothing like getting out of the house and relaxing through one of New Jersey's beautiful parks. Essex Fells, in particular, is a stunning area filled with lush greenery, picturesque scenery, and plenty of outdoor activities. Whether looking for a peaceful walk with your dog, a scenic tour with a friend, or a solo escape, you will find something here that suits your needs. Information can be found here.


For those seeking a peaceful respite, Essex Fells park offers plenty of options. The Knickel Forest Athletic Area, or KFAT, is a stunning 65-acre refuge of preserved parkland where visitors can walk, jog, and bike through deep woods, open fields, and flowing creeks. Every season, a beautiful array of wildflowers, trees, and wildlife can be found along the trails, adding to an already tranquil setting. The area even features an observation tower for bird watching and enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding meadows and woods. See here for information about A Day of Fun for All Ages: Amusement Park in Essex Fells, New Jersey.

Other parks in Essex Fells, such as Bellevue Lake Park and Lower Essex Fells, offer similar attractions. Bellevue Lake Park is known for its large, tranquil lake fed by a quiet creek, and provides plenty of opportunities for wildlife watching or just taking a peaceful stroll by the shore. Meanwhile, Lower Essex Fells boasts a variety of trails and pathways, perfect for hiking with friends or letting the kids run wild and explore. One of the best ways to study nature here is simply to bring a basket and have a picnic by the lake.

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