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Exploring the Delights of Local Museums in Essex Fells, NJ

The Garden State of New Jersey abounds in culture and history in many local museums. This is especially true of Essex Fells, NJ. From museums dedicated to railroads and Native American history to science and military museums, there are plenty of fascinating cultural spots to visit in Essex Fells. There is no better way to spend a leisurely weekend than exploring the delights of the local museums of this charming town. Learn more here.


The Morris Museum of Art is one of the most famous museums in Essex Fells. It houses comprehensive collections from the world's great masters, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and textiles. This museum is primarily known for its 19th-century European, American, and Islamic artworks. This museum also features more than 400 pieces of large-scale sculptures located in the museum's outdoor sculpture garden. Learn more about Taking a Relaxing Stroll in Essex Fells, NJ Parks.

The Morris Museum of Art is located in Essex Fells' chic and vibrant downtown. This museum boasts two floors of gallery space filled with artworks from different periods and a bookstore and gift shop. It is open Tuesday through Sunday, and admission is free. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the museum's interactive exhibits and can even participate in hands-on art demonstrations.


The Essex County Railroad Museum is another local favorite in Essex Fells. This museum pays homage to the town's stunning history in railroading. Featuring displays on tracks and freight cars as well as an actual working railway engine, this museum offers an educational look at this form of transportation. Visitors of all ages will appreciate the museum's many interactive displays, which cover the history of railroading from its beginnings to the present.

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