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Experience the Magic of Grover Cleveland Park in Essex Fells, NJ


Situated in the charming township of Essex Fells, NJ, Grover Cleveland Park is a place of recreation and relaxation, offering something for everyone. With its vibrant landscape, gleaming lake, and convenient location, Grover Cleveland Park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to spend quality time in New Jersey's picturesque hills. Start off your visit to Grover Cleveland Park with a leisurely stroll around the lake. Home to a variety of wildlife, the lake’s shimmering waters provide a peaceful backdrop for an afternoon of exploration. Spot waterfowl as they dip and dive around the lake, and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife in the surrounding woods. After a long stroll, why not take a break on one of the park’s many benches, soaking up the natural beauty of your surroundings. Learn more here.

Summer is a popular time to visit Grover Cleveland Park, and those seeking adventure should head to the wide-open lawns to enjoy a range of activities. Play a game of frisbee, toss around a beach ball, or take part in a friendly soccer match. The playground is also perfect for kids of all ages, offering plenty of opportunities for imaginative outdoor play. Come autumn, the majestic hues of fall paint the landscape in brilliant shades of orange and red – making Grover Cleveland Park a great place to come and enjoy the harvest season. When the temperature starts to dip, rug up and enjoy a brisk hike around the lake and its surrounding woods. Feeling a bit chilly? Pop into the heated pavilion for a hot cup of cocoa, or take advantage of the fitness center onsite for an energizing workout. Learn more about Exploring Cedar Grove Park - Essex Fells, NJ - Nature and Adventure Await.

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